A few days ago I did an unpacking on my instagram account on which I informed you that I received a cute package by the Danish brand Alerin. If you follow my profile on instagram you probably already know that I love love love cute baby stuff for my Emma Rose and even more if I know they have a good background concerning their production and origin.

Alerin was founded by Paloma and she tries to use organic materials, free of harmful substances, whenever possible and that gives me a good feeling as an always concerned mommy. Further more, environmental protection concerns all of us and to contribute in little things like that counts! What I also do have to point out is that the Alerin products are ethically made in Spain by local Spanish designers and craftsmen and I REALLY appreciate such a work which came together with a lot of work in advance by Paloma!

Emma loves to wear shoes, to take them on and off alllll time long :-). On the pictures above Emma wears the Mary Janes and can we please just talk about how gorgeous they are? The cute little details on the front of the shoes and this pink leather – I am a sucker for pink! They are handmade! and the mold inside shapes the feet perfectly.

On the picture above Emma wears a hair clip with a large bow and it has the color beige but is also available in a few more shades. When Emma was a newborn I loved to put her headbands on, I was like crazy with it, we had them in almost every color, I know :-). Since two or three months she refuses to wear any of them but still let me put on her hairclips or hair ties or hats. And of course, concerning hair clips, we already have a large selection of colors to match her clothes – it is just a girls thing and I love to have little girl :-).

So in case you have any questions concerning the products I would love to hear from you in the comments below or per direct message.

xo, Sabrina

Brought to you by Alerin!

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