L.O.V cosmetics
left: N° 551 Christina´s Red | right: N° 150 Toxic Flame
L.O.V cosmetics
left: N° 560 Jana´s Red Wine | middle: N° 551 Christina´s Red | right: N° 540 Matte Isabelle´s Plum
L.O.V cosmetics
left: Face Contouring palette | right: Serum Foundation N° 020 Fair Dream
L.O.V cosmetics
left: Face Contouring Palette | middle: N° 020 Vanilla Rosé Serum Concealer | right: N° 020 Fair Dream Serum Foundation

L.O.V cosmetics

L.O.V cosmetics
left: N° 340 Winter Desert eyeshadow | middle: Primer Serum | right: N° 100 Mystic Sand Caring Volume Lipgloss
L.O.V cosmetics
left: N° 010 L.O.V your glow Bronzer | middle above: N° 500 Sina´s Nude Lipstick | middle below: N° 100 Black Dip Eyeliner | N° 010 Charming Rose Blush
L.O.V cosmetics
left: N° 200 Beautiful Berry Long Lasting Nail Lacquer | middle N° 320 Revealing Redwood Long Lasting Nail Lacquer | right: N° 190 Currant Charming Long Lasting Nail Lacquer
L.O.V cosmetics
left: N° 560 Jana Lip Pencil | middle: N° 370 Stockholm Shine & Care Lip Stylo | right: N° 340 London Shine & Care Lip Stylo
above: N° 340 Winter Desert Eyeshadow | below: N° 150 Toxic Flame Caring Volume Lipgloss

Today I have a few incredible beauty products which I have been testing and wanted to share with you.

L.O.V cosmetics, Catrice and essence are three strong brands of cosnova. cosnova is an owner-run company which stands for innovation, optimism and responsibility. With the brand L.O.V which stands for the emotions of love cosnova has over 194 products and four seasonal collections per year. Under their product range can be found articles for your lips, eyes, face, nails which are awesome and further to that they offer four various collections per year (at the moment they have tools for a flawless make-up look, you can have a look here).

With this fall season and the xmas time to come there is all about warm colors like burgundy, dark and light red, brown and don´t forget the highlighters (these are an all time long MUST have for myself).

When it comes to my daily make-up I try to stick by my foundation, bronzer, highlighter, eye brow pencil and lipstick. The color of my lipstick varies from wearing a nude to a warm shade, depending on my mood and the clothes I would like to wear. When my lips are quite dry or I want to keep it simple I wear a caring lip gloss like this one by L.O.V in the shade “addicting rosewood”. When wearing a lipstick it is important to prep your lips with a lip liner first, these ones are perfect for contouring and perfectly define the contours of your lips. Wearing a lip liner for red lips is KEY! What I love about this one is that it is non-feathering and has a little pencil on the other end for blending the color out if needed. And please let´s have a closer look to their fabulous lipsticks: the LIP affaire color & care lipsticks have a semi-matte finish, are good pigmented and care for your lips with kendi oil. The burgundy one gives your lips a burgundy/mauve look with which I am obsessed with. Matte lipsticks are still very trendy for the fall season. The lipsticks don´t dry out my lips and leave them beautifully moisturized. The LOVful Shine & Care lip styles have a creamy texture when applying them on lips and leave a shiny, natural finish. 

When it comes to my evening make-up for example when having a date night with my hubby or just have the feeling of putting myself more together I normally use concealer, foundation, eye shadow, bronzer, highlighter, blush, eyebrow pencil, lipliner and lipstick. I also love to put some highlighter in the middle of my cupi´s bow. When wearing a concealer don´t forget to set it with a setting powder in order to maximize the long-wear effect and that the concealer doesn´t go in the lines.

Here you find a list of products which I wanted to show you (it is also the order how I use them):

primer serum: apply first before adding your foundation. It is perfect for a base in order to prolong your make-up and has SPF 15. It feels so soft on skin, I like the feeling and sometimes I just wear it without my foundation as it feels so soft on my skin

concealer: conceals dark circles and fine lines (set it with this powder afterwards). As an option when you would like to have a more powerful result use this serum concealer). These concealers have a rosy undertone in it, for my skin tone I prefer to take a light beige one

serum foundation: I am already obsessed with, it has a medium coverage (I normally apply two layers to become a more flawless look as I have freckles), SPF 20 and leaves a blowy finish – don´t forget your neck and décolleté. This foundation is a bit too light for my skintone, normally I use a color with a warm undertone

bronzer: bronzers are for sure a staple in my make-up products ALL year round. This silky finish bronzer (no shimmer in it) moisturizes your skin with Hyaluron and is perfectly to blend into your skin (summer not needed all the year as you have a bronzer :-)) – don´t forget your neck and décolleté. This bronzer is pure magic

blush: to get fresh and healthy-look put some blush on your cheeks and blend it into your skin in order to avoid any stripes

eyeshadow: gives the inner of your eye a light shimmer without setting in lines. It isn´t high pigmented so if you want to have a stronger effect than I would recommend you to go over with a highlighter at the end

eyeliner: I love the effect of wearing false lashes and an eyeliner because it gives the eye a much more intense expression. This one has a fine pencil and has a shiny formula

nail laquer: flat brushes with which you can paint your nails in one stroke, saturated colors and also matching to the lipsticks (I wear mine now since four days and I do not recognize any chipping)

lip gloss: what I also love about them is that they are non sticky on your lips

lipsticks & lipliner : have a closer look on their gorgeous colors, obsessed with and they match to the lipliners

I hope you guys will L.O.V their products as much as I do and make-up should be fun to everybody! 

What are your favorite products of the L.O.V collection?

xo, Sabrina


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