Welcome to MyPinkPetals and thank you for stopping by!

The idea of raising a blog came alive while being pregnant and with the birth of our daughter Emma Rose. As I am always passionate of what I am doing I love sharing beautiful things with you like motherhood, lifestyle, fashion & beauty. I am a passionate full time mama for the time being and live with my husband and my white pomeranian dog in Hesse, Germany. My husband and myself got married in September 2014 on a private little beach in Sansibar, Tanzania and have been together since ten years now.

I spent countless hours in the internet to understand how to begin this journey and since July 2016 my blog is live. I am super excited to give it a GO and it truly means a lot to me.

It’s incredible what can happen when you let go and love your life.

I hope you enjoy reading and thank you for following along.

Lots of love,