smallable GARBO&FRIENDS Babyschlafsack Mares aus Perkal-Baumwolle Weiß
smallable MOUMOUT Baumwollnestchen Altrosa
smallable SWEETCASE Traumfänger Nude Natur

smallable CANDIDE Baby Liegehilfe Panda Expert 53x39 cm Weiß
smallable MOUMOUT Spannbetttuch Mattrosa

smallable NOBODINOZ Gesundheitsbuch-Schutz Salamanca Hellblau Hellblau
smallable OEUF NYC Babymütze mit Hasenohren aus Pima Bio-Baumwolle Seidenfarben
smallable LIFE FACTORY Babyflasche aus Glas 120 ml Melone
FABELAB Schnuffeltier "Animal Cuddle Cute Bunny"


one: Garbo & Friends sleeping bag (also love this one in blush or save with this one) two: Moumout crib sheet (or save with this one herethree: Sweetcase mobile (or save with this one herefour: Lou Lou and Company newborn kit five: Candide baby lying aid six: Moumout sheet seven: Nobodinoz health book cover eight: OEUF NYC hat (or save with this one here) nine: Life Factory baby bottle ten: Fabellab cuddle pillow

Happy SATURDAY dear readers! I am so happy that you stopped by and hope you love the newborn essentials which I picked out for you, maybe either for yourself or as a newborn present gift idea! Right now, three very good girlfriends are mine are PREGNANT, unbelievable, I am so so excited and can’t wait to pick out some cute baby items for them!

When I was four months pregnant I started to buy my first newborn essentials for my future baby and I loved to stock up with things and still love to do so as you probably know :-)! I am just working on a new blog post showing you a brand which I discovered lately and they have super ADORBALE products!!

By the way I wanted to know if you like that I sometimes link you a cheaper version of an article? I know from myself that sometimes I want to splurge but sometimes or with some articles save. What do you think?

xo, Sabrina

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