my theresa SELF-PORTRAIT Embellished dress
geliebtes zuhause Kosmetiktasche Tofted mix von House Doctor
about you rich & royal Blusenshirt im Offshoulder-Stil
net a porter VICTORIA BECKHAM ESTÉE LAUDER Highlighter – Modern Mercury – Highlighter
net a porter STELLA MCCARTNEY Lily Blushing Soft-BH aus geripptem Jersey mit Spitzenbesatz

ASOS – Mittellanger Rock aus Satin mit Schlitzen
ASOS – Hänge-Ohrringe mit Troddeln für besondere Anlässe

geliebtes zuhause Melamin Geschenkbox Boys Animal Prints von Rice
little roomers aden + anais Mulltücher Musy Metallic Skylight





















one: Self Portrait dress (what I also like here) two: Mango top three: zara pantolette four: House Doctor make-up bag five: Rich & Royal off shoulder top (also like this here) six: Victoria Beckham highlighter seven: Stella McCartney bra eight: asos skirt (also like this yellow one) nine: asos earrings ten (baby): rice baby dishes eleven (baby): Zara tee twelve (baby): aden + anais swaddle (finally available in Germany!)

Spring showed up on Saturday in Germany and on this morning we took a long walk in the park with my Zuma boy and enjoyed looking at the first growing flowers – can´t wait for spring to finally show up in its fullest!

I am so happy that the NEW swaddles by Aden + Anais with gold sprinkles 🙂 are also available for order now to Germany, linked them above for you.

So how did you spend your weekend?

Sending you lot´s of love!

xo Sabrina

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net a porter Topshop Unique Evelyn asymmetrischer Rock aus Crêpe de Chine aus Seide mit Volant
WestwingNow Beistelltisch Maggnus
H&M Kapuzenshirt mit Schlitzen
net a porter SEE BY CHLOÉ Hana kleine Schultertasche aus strukturiertem Leder und Veloursleder
L´Occitane Handcreme Cerisier Pastel
pure velvet moderner Sessel mit weißem geflochtenen Lederbezug und goldenem Rahmen & Füßen Artikel SES020
about you bronx https://www.aboutyou.de/p/bronx/ankle-boots-brezax-3562331
Julie Dausell bonnet Kyse - blomst





newbornmusthaves MIANN & CO Sylvie Ballerina Bunny



little roomers Schaffell Stiefelchen blau

















one: Topshop skirt (similar one heretwo: Zara shirt (what I also like and it´s the half price here) three: WestwingNow table four: H&M hoodie five: See by Chloé bag (less expensive option here) six: L´Occitane hand creme seven: Pure Velvet chair eight: Bronx ankle boots ninezara cropped-top ten: newbornmusthaves bunny

Happy Saturday loves & happy WEEKEND!

Aww these soft shades and also this pop of red, isn´t it gorgeous?! Can´t wait to wear pink and red together and soft shades will always be a staple in my wardrobe!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

xo, Sabrina

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net a porter DOLCE & GABBANA Sonnenbrille mit rundem Rahmen aus roségoldfarbenem Metall
net a porter COMMON PROJECTS Original Achilles Sneakers aus Leder
WestwingNow Bombay Duck Tasse Alphabet Spotty D
mytheresa 81HOURS Hose Sue aus Seide






H&M Spitzenbluse
The Body Shop Kahaia Eau De Parfum
nakd Frill Top
about you Tom Tailor leichte Steppjacke
about you noppies cardigan
about you Lurchi
newbornmusthaves M&C Mobile Swan


















one: Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses two: Common Projects sneakers three: Westwing mug four: zara: blouse (also like this one) five: 81hours trousers six: H&M blouse (also like this one) seven: The Body Shop perfume eight: nakd top nine: Tom Tailor jacket ten (baby): Noppies sweater eleven (baby): Lurchi shoes twelve (baby): newbornmusthaves mobile

Stumbled across this CUTE blue color which makes me feel like spring time is coming closer. Am I right? I hope you guys like the items which I searched out for you and I have especially an eye on these sunglasses! 

Wish you a wonderful evening!

xo, Sabrina

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*Products are linked below

Happy SATURDAY loves!

 Welcome to Paradise, this was my exact feeling when we arrived on our first family vacay abroad! 

It´s since over a week now when we returned home from our first family vacation abroad, we went on the MALDIVES. As I got a lot of questions lately on where we stayed at, how we liked it and why we chose this location for our trip I want to answer your questions in this post. 

The Maldives, a real dream destination and get-away when you are a fan of white beaches, turquoise water and tranquility. This was our fifth time visiting the Maldives and each time we go there we choose another island because each one is so unique and different. Also, we always have a look for an island which has a dive club as it is a big big hobby of my hubs and was also mine before Emma Rose joined our life. 

This time we visited the Furaveri Island Resort which is located in the Raa Atoll and was newly opened one year ago. They have around about 100 villas, Water villas included. We had a new beach pool villa which was definitely a dream come true, everything is quite spacious (155 m²) and bright and you have a direct view to the ocean which was awesome! When we booked so far a hotel room it was important for me that it was spacious as you have a lot of stuff for your baby with you and keep in mind that a baby crib will be put in your room as well and you want to move yourself in any way ;-). When you enter the beach pool villa there is a huge room in which you´ll find on the left hand side a kitchen with coffee machine, electric kettle and minibar and on the right hand side a masterbed with direct access to the sundeck where you have your own pool and sun lounges. The windows are huge and the view is really gorgeous. By entering the room you will also go through your own closet (there are two! separate ones in your room) before entering your spacious bathroom where you will have also two outdoor showers, yes, TWO ;-). They provided a little baby crib for Emma and it was also equipped with a cute mosquito net, she felt very comfortable in and they changed the mats almost every day for her. Every day the room service (there are only men who make up your room) made perfectly our villa and sometimes put also flowers on our bed, dreamy! What was also important for me that it was a baby friendly hotel and all the Maldivians are really, really, really family friendly! They also have a children´s playground (though too early for Emma but we will come to this stage closer and closer). 

They only have one restaurant so far but also provide you freshly cooked baby food in case needed. Emma is now in an age in which she wants to try different kind of food and loved eating pasta with tomato sauce, chicken sausages, steamed vegetables, bread with or without butter, potatoes, (sometimes cucumber), slices of water and honey melon, papaya, bananas or Rambutan, like mommy ;-).

In their small boutique you can also buy some diapers. We did so in order to save some luggage weight and of course space. 

Don´t forget to bring your own baby medicine with you in case you need something and your baby doesn’t feel well. If you would like to hear my tips, don´t hesitate to ask me.  

I hope I could give you a good insight into how our family travel was with our little Rosie Rose and let me know in case you plan to go to the Maledives as well, I can give you some tips!

Can´t wait to plan our next family trip which will be in a few months.

xo, Sabrina


Products we wore:

Emma´s swimsuit blue white striped (on sale%), what I also loved here

Emma´s hat white/blue sold out

Emma´s swimsuit floral print, sold out, linked you a similar one here

Emma´s sunhat floral

Emma´s sunhat purple & rose (both on sale%)

tip: this one I took with me in order to protect the clothes while feeding, a life saver!

Sabrina´s swimsuit (almost sold out), linked you two other cutes ones here and here

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After spending ten days on the Maledives – let me just say at this point that it was outstanding! (a separate blog post will follow) – we are finally back home since Sunday night. I love to travel but at the same time love coming home again, there is nothing like home and no need to say that I missed my furry little friend like crazy, too!

As this was our first travel abroad with baby and we had a long travel before us, I taught it would be a good idea to give you guys my experiences and tips which I could collect during the time. At the time getting ready to prepare everything for our trip my biggest concern was not to forget something for Emma Rose or to go out of food or something else. Of course, because I had no plan, everything was NEW! So, I spent a lot of time in the internet searching for posts or blogs giving tips on how to travel with a baby but it was hard to pull out the information and what to pack in your hand luggage during the flight what food is concerned. So in this post I summarize everything for you what I packed in and hope that it will be useful for you and your family vacay!

Let me just give you a little background information about our planned trip:

on the way to the Maledives we could book a night flight which left at about 8.00 pm in the evening and we flew with Lufthansa. We also organized about two weeks ahead a baby bassinet for the outbound as well for the return flight and let me tell you that this is quite IMPORTANT to check in advance! An airline has only limited places with baby bassinets per flight and if there is no more baby bassinet available you have to take your baby on your lab the whole flight – well, this information was given to us by our travel agency. After we arrived in Male there was a short bus transfer of about 15 minutes to bring us from the airport to the seaplane airport. There, we waited for about one hour in a lounge which was quite comfortable as they had air-conditioning and complimentary food and beverages (on this point noted that it is NOT the norm as it depends on which hotel you book yourself in and if this hotel has a lounge or lounge facilities at the airport, so I would advise you to check in advance if this is important for you – if your hotel has no lounge at the airport, just for you to know that everything is quite open, so no air-conditioning but a lot of fans on the ceiling, as well you will find there small shops). Our seaplane left on time and with two short stops on other islands we arrived forty minutes later at our resort).

For this trip I packed my hand luggage/diaper bag as follows:

diaper bag (I used this model here):

– two bottles for milk, I used these ones as they were lightweight)

– one bottle for tea/water

– four teabags (boiled water as well as water bottles you will get in the plane)

–  (in case you don´t want to prepare milk this is a good option as this is a ready one)

– milk powder & corresponding spoon for it

– four fruit snacks, Emma loves these ones

– one of this for breakfast

– three fruit bars

– one glas of a menu

– snacks like thisthis or these rice snacks (I put a little box full of it as a mixture)

– 2 spoons

– desinfection wipes

– nose drops

– diaper wipes

– 8 diapers

– diaper creme

– two bodys

– two tights

– two socks

– three bibs

– two swaddles

 changing mat (my diaper bag has an integrated, detachable changing mat which is already included in my diaper bag and washable) -> there you will find my blog post about it

One bottle I already filled with fresh water right before the flight, so I only had to put my milk powder into it and was ready to feed Emma while we took off (when we rolled to the runway I put the milk powder in my bottle). I tried to feed Emma as long as the seat belt signs were switched off that means that we reached a flight altitude in which the pressure for ok for the ears because babies can´t make the pressure equalization. (I also did this while flying with the seaplane but tried to give Emma just water and it functioned very well – I sometimes had the feeling that she wanted to drink by herself because she felt it was good for her but maybe just my feeling ;-).) During the flight Emma also ate from my food with, for example a bread roll with butter or some Tortelloni with tomato sauce (I tried to give her just a small amount of sauce because of the sourness in it – she LOVED it). Of course I had too many food with me but I wanted to be sure in any case she didn´t want to eat the food of me – you can never be too much prepared when it comes to your baby, right? :-). 

hand luggage bag (I used this model here):

– four more bottles for milk to be on the safe side, the same as above

– angel nest


– toys (took Emma´s favorite stuffed animal with me, her favorite book & some small water figures)

– the rest of the snacks which could´t find any more place in the snack box

The baby bassinet will be installed by the flight attendants as soon as the seat belt signs have been switched off after take off. They will also put a fresh linen onto it but it is quite hard so I was glad that I brought my angel nest with me. You will get a pillow as well as blanket for the bassinet as well but as I had my angel nest and I also brought my blanket with I didn’t need it. In the airplane it gets quite cold sometimes so I made sure to bring my own things with on which I was sure how they work.

Concerning how to entertain your baby in the plane I only can say that Emma is interested in quite a few things. She was just a brave baby and smiled a lot with the flight attendants or other guests. As I brought with me her favorite book (is all about farms and the animals who live there) and little water figures (they were new ones), she was quite good entertained. As well she loved to play with magazines, papers, water bottles or just with us. On the outbound flight, as it was a night flight, she slept quite right from the beginning of the flight and for almost seven hours (I know, we can be really happy) and for the rest of the around about three hours we entertained her and it was ok, time went by very fast.  On the return flight, it was a flight which left at 10.40 am (we didn´t get a return flight for the night, unfortunately), it was a bit more difficult but we already prepared us mentally for that. We tried to do different things with her means to read her book, to let her entertain by herself, to show her the small figures (each time a different one), to let her play with shoes, har ties, lip glosses (closed ones of course) and we also got to know a family and our both babies played with themselves. During the time we ate together a several times (baby girl was quite hungry) and two times she slept (she fall asleep on me ones, how I LOVE it,  and slept for almost three hours and the other time was around about one hour. We really can´t complain as she was so brave and I was so proud of her. I had in mine to be relaxed and I am pretty sure if you are, your baby is as well. 

Overall it was really a good experience for all of us and took us the fear of traveling with her. She was a lucky baby and it is just a great, great joy to see her discovering new things and to see things from the eyes of her – wonderful

Don´t forget, you are an amazing mama and I am sure you will prepare a perfect trip whether it is a long or a short one.

xo, Sabrina


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Mango Pullover mit Lochstrickmuster
Mango Kurzer Overall mit Blumen
Mango blouse
zara kurzer Rock
L´Occitane Arlésienne Köstlicher Gloss
net a porter AQUAZZURA Uma lace-up suede pumps
about you YAS sweater
net a porter L'AGENT BY AGENT PROVOCATEUR Grace glittered stretch-tulle and lace underwired bra
about you ivy & oak
net a porter CHARLOTTE TILBURY Hot Lips Lipstick - Miranda May
naked fashion Seve Madden Carrsonv Sandal























one: Mango sweater two: Mango dress (also love this one) three: Mango blouse four: zara skirt fiveL´Occitane lip gloss six: Aquazzura pumps seven: YAS sweater (also love this one here %) eight: L´Agent by Agent Provocateur nine: Ivy & Oak lace dress tenCharlotte Tilbury lipstick eleven: Steven Madden heels twelve: New One bracelet

Sitting here in paradies on the Maldives (as you may have seen, if you follow me on my Instagram) and thinking about that Valentine´s day is just around the corner. It makes so fun to think about what to wear for this day when having a date with your hubby :-). Normally we do not “celebrate” Valentine´s day but on this time we will have a date night, just the two of us and I am getting excited as this will be the first time since Emma Rose has joined our family.

Send you lots of love and sunshine!

What are your plans for this Valentine´s day?

xo, Sabrina

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HANKY PANKY Darlington Pyjama aus Chiffon mit Polka-Dots und Spitzenbesatz
Pullover mit Trompetenärmeln
Coffee-to-go Becher Les Yeux
L´Occitane Arlésienne Samtige Handcreme
net a porter AXEL ARIGATO Sneakers aus Leder mit Krokodileffekt
raumwerkstatt Voluspa Duftkerze Prosecco Bellini
about you vila sweater VIshora' Sweater
Westwing Kunstfell-Kissenhülle Dale PROFLAX
about you Andrea Conti
smallable BILLIEBLUSH Strickjacke Ananas Lurex Seidenfarben
Shirley Bredal leo balaclava pale cloud




























one: Hanky Panky pyjama two: mango sweater (also love this one here) three: WestwingNow coffee to go mug four: LOccitane hand creme five: Axel Arigato sneakers six: Anine Bing silk camisole (also love this one) seven: Voluspa candle eight: The Body Shop lip liquid nine: Vila sweater ten: Westwing pillow eleven: Andrea Conti ballerina twelve: nunuco passport holder thirteen (baby): Billieblush cardigan fourteen (baby): Shirley Bredal hat sixteen (baby): Jacadi dress (also love those new shoes)


Happy Sunday evening loves!

With this blog inspiration post I shared with you some neutral colors which you can every time pimp up by adding a colorful lipstick for example. But further to that I also added some beautiful neutral baby items for you, I love to look for new styles every time!

BUT, do not only do something for your beauty from the outside but also for the inside and strengten your immune system. I love the products by terraelements on which I already did a blog post. With the Goji berries from terraelements – just take a handful per day, either mix them under your cereals/smoothie or just eat them pure – and do your body something good. One goal I set myself for the new year after we finished our house is to take care a bit more for my health again.

xo, Sabrina

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When it comes to my Emma Rose, my daughter, I am a big fan of planning things in detail for her and I love love love to get her all kind of cute baby stuff (I mean which mommy doesn´t ;-)). So there might be no surprise when Emma started to make her first little bites of food (puree of course) that I had an eye on several beautiful baby tableware on the internet but at this time I started first with the plates and bibs by Baby Björn. They were perfect for our beginning of eating and we started with different kinds of vegetable or fruit purees. I have to say at this point that the spoons aren´t the most practical ones because you can only take a very small amount of product on it because otherwise it would fall off while putting the spoon in the mouth of your baby. Emma Rose was and is still sometimes a very bad eater so she didn´t open her mouth wide. If you have such plastic dishes at home I would like to recommend you that right after feeding rinse it off with cold water first and put some baby oil on the items and gently rub over them and once again wash them off with cold water – that helped me to keep the white plastic “white” (please bear in mind that the plastic will not be that bright as from the beginning but won´t stay yellow). After doing that you can put them in your dish washer  but make sure to separate the bowls first.

As you probably all know from my Instagram profile we moved in our new house at the beginning of December (what a great feeling it is!), I could´t wait to see our little girl sitting on our table and have her meals with us. Also now Emma has reached a level on which she wants to try different kind of food so these tableware by Done by Deer would be perfect for us. The products by Done by Deer are cute in every single way but also very practical when it comes to the plate as it has four different partitions, so you can vary the food for your baby. The whole tableware can be put in the dishwasher and what I also love is that the stains from the carrots don´t set in the dishes or spoons, so no more extra work for you, yeah for THIS. The spoons are nearly unbreakable so you do not have to worry if one falls down. Have a look at their cute bib as well as this is showerproof and perfect when baby drinks and the water doesn´t stay in the mouth ;-). Talking about that the feeding cup is so cute looking but Emma doesn’t manage it yet to drink out of it so I will try it again in one or two months – until then I love to use this one. The bowl I normally use for breakfast or for a snack in the afternoon when Emma has some yoghurt or fruit purees. Those products are also available in a set if you are interested. The placemat in a form of a swan (still swooning of it) is non-toxic and easily to clean.

Here I listed you allll the products:


set of spoons 

menu plate

feeing cup


swaddle (what I also love)

If you are interested in how I started feeding Emma and how our whole progress was (not always easy ;-)), leave up in my comments below or write me an email and I would be more than happy to tell you about it in a separate blog post. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and got some inspiration for your perfect baby table setting.

So much love,

xo, Sabrina

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Sweatshirt mit Volantärmeln
adidas Superstar Sneakers aus Leder mit Metallic-Besatz
the body shop
Vase Ladina Preis 99.- by NORDSTJERNE
H&M Cardigan aus Mohairmischung
FENDI Iridia verspiegelte Sonnenbrille mit roségoldfarbenem Cat-Eye-Rahmen
topshop MOTO Stone Super Rip Jamie Jeans
Bloomingville Vasen 3er Set Rosa


Jardin des Orangers beanie
mango Strickjacke mit Metallic-Finish










DONSJE Leder-Hausschuhe gefüttert Pina Exclusive Beige
Rylee + Cru bonnet












onemango sweater ruffles (what I also like heretwoadidas sneaker threeThe Body shop mask fourWestwing vase fiveH&M cardigan sixFendi sunglasses sevenTopshop jeans eightRaumwerkstatt vases nineJardin des Orangers beanie ten (baby): mango sweater eleven (baby): Donsje shoes twelve (baby): Rylee + Cru bonnet

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family! 

Is it only me or also you who are getting a little bit sad as the holiday seasons goes by too fast every year? Well, this year it was the most amazing as our little baby girl was with us and I loved watching her exploring all the xmas deco and lights. With every end there is a new beginning, so in order to brighten up our days I put together some gorgeous items for you and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Wish you a wonderful day and all the best,

xo, Sabrina

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Dear readers,

I am officially back :-)! I know there was quite a long time no post was showing up on my blog but as you might already know from my IG profile there were a few reasons for it: we moved into our new house almost four weeks ago and there were still a lot of things which had to be done, my hubby´s birthday, Emma´s first birthday party, xmas eve at our home and now I hope that things get more and more back to their normality and I can pursue my passion again and write some posts.

With this post I wanted to share with you EVERYTHING concerning Emma Rose´s first birthday! Yes, I can´t believe it but my tiny little baby turned one on December 23rd 2016 and it was a day full of emotions – this girl is a true blessing for our family! Time has gone by SO fast! During the last few days I tried to remember every detail of last year, when I was still pregnant, and I had such a wonderful time being pregnant. I always dreamed of being a mommy and was so happy when we found out I was.

The day before her birthday I did all the decoration and baking and loved to prepare everything for her first birthday, literally I could say that I was a bit nervous as I want to do EVERYTHING for her the most perfect! When I finished up with everything is was quite after midnight, I looked at all the decoration and flowers for her and had tears in my eyes because I was filled with so much love being her mommy!

As a birthday theme I choose my favorite colors for her with what you can do nothing wrong: blush and gold :-). The party with only our family turned out great and this girl was happy on her big day – a real birthday girl!

I liked everything I bought for her below and in case I missed something please let me know and I will add it immediately.

Thank you all so much for your kind words to her birthday and for stopping by again!

xo, Sabrina


Where I bought everything:

cake Das Tortenatelier (I also ordered there our wedding cake)

cupcakes (I baked for myself, linked you the recipe here)

cupcakes toppings Minidrops here & here

cupcakes forms Minidrops

cupcakes toppers Minidrops

cupcakes toppers ballerinas Mindrops

popcorn boxes Minidrops

candied rose leaves Evers & Tochter

feathers Minidrops

ballons Minidrops

ballon one FRÄULEIN K SAGT JA 

garland golden leaves FRÄULEIN K SAGT JA

honeycomb ball Mindrops

napkins Baby Belly Party

candle one Baby Belly Party

flowers Blütesiegel

dress Emma amazon

dress mommy asos

ballet bear Ilka


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