Aden + Anais swaddleAden + Anais burby bibs

Nuna Usa leaf baby seat


barefoot dreams blanket


While being pregnant I was constantly on the search after the “new mommy must haves” and mainly searched in the internet to get some first ideas what you need. There are thousands of lists in the internet going around but what are really must haves what you should have at home?  With this post I wanted to give you an idea what are my personal new mommy must haves and things which helped me through the first time and made me feel safe. 

As Emma was due in January (she was a premie and was already born in December 2015), I was a bit nervous as I would have a winter baby and I was afraid that probably I would´t have the right equipment for her to feel warm and cozy in her stroller or at home. With the help of Märchenwelt Kinderzimmer where I got a lot of information and as you probably have seen with one of my pervious posts Emma Rose´s nursery I bought a lot of beautiful things there. 

So please find here a list of my must new mommy must haves:

FIRST Collection angel nest: this was an absolutely perfect found, it is so soft and cozy. I used it at home to put Emma in when she fall asleep and also when we went out I put her in her snow suit and this angel nest I laid into the stroller and put her in. Through the small ribbons the size is adjustable and the baby does´t wake itself up by wagging with its arms. It is available in a winter and summer variant and also in various colors. (Here I link you a similar product)

Tavolinchen sleeping bag: I do have two sleeping bags so that I have the choice to switch. The are also available in winter and summer versions and in different sizes. When Emma was a newborn and as it was winter, I put her a body, some tights with socks over it and in the first weeks a little cap and her body temperature was very good. When it got warmer I left away the cap and her tights. (Here I link you a similar product)

Solly Baby Wrap: I started using the Solly Baby Wraps quite early and I am a big fan of it! A baby loves to be worn and to be so close with its mama. Also, it is very practical, because with this wrap you do a few things in the household, going for a walk with your dog (or without ;-)) and to some errands. Emma still likes to be worn by myself, even if she is much more heavy than weeks ago and of course more active 🙂

Nuna Usa leaf baby seat: it is such a gorgeous seat for your baby and perfect for laying your baby in for a few minutes in order to do something which you have to do. Another advantage is that also evolves from with baby to big-kid size and the inlay is washable 

Lou Lou and Company blankets: they are so soft and available in wonderful designs depending on season and even after machine wash the look perfect!

Lou Lou and Company: I always used mittens at night for my girl because I wanted to avoid that she scratches herself. Even now I use mittens for the night for Emma, she is six months old now 

Ubbi Diaper Pail: such a cute design, available in various colors and securely and odorlessly stores your baby’s dirty diapers. It doesn´t need special bags

Aden + Anais swaddles: award winning swaddles with gorgeous designs and I have around about fifteen different swaddles at home. They are breathable and babys love to be swaddled, they are reminded of the closeness comfort they felt in the womb

Aden + Anais burby bibs: an absolute must have for feeding your little one

BareFoot Dreams blanket: incredibly soft and keeps your baby warm on colder days, even on cold summer evenings

Angelcare baby monitor and sensor mat: I love this one and also the design of it

NUK milk container: metering box for milk powder to prepare in advance and carry up to 4 doses of powder. The compartments are stacking and each may contain up to ten scoops powder. Every time I leave the house, this is a MUST to take with me because it is so easy to use and very fast to prepare my baby girl´s meal 

Avoin flask: this also goes with me when leaving the house. This bottle is non-leaching & toxin-free, vacuum-seal cap keeps your drinks cold for 12hrs, hot for up to 24 hours and I prepare the water in advance at home and fill it up 

Avent glas bottles: for me the perfect choice, I also liked the feeling in the hands of the bottles and they are easily to clean

Avent bottle brush: a must have for your bottles. First, I clean the bottles in warm water with a few drops of dish soap and use this brush and afterwards I put them in my Avent electric steam sterilizer

Avent electric steam sterilizer (available in various colors, I have a grey one): very easy to use. The items stay sterile in it up to 24 hours when the lid is unopened and the sterilizing cycle lasts just 6 minutes

Elodie pacifier: Emma Rose doesn´t like pacifier at all, but as I didn´t know this before, I bought them and they look so gorgeous, I also linked you the pacifier clip below

Elodie pacifier clip: perfect clip for the pacifier

Elodie mobile feather: looks beautiful and I turn it on when Emma takes her afternoon naps in her nursery

Marigold mobile: handcrafted fabric poms, so gorgeous, I put mine over Emma´s changing mat, so she has something bright an colorful to see while I change her diapers and while she is not interested in me 😉

Fisher Price activity center: so cute and Emma loved to be entertained for a few minutes with it. It makes cute jungle sounds or various melodies and all the toys are made out of different materials in order for your baby to sense different materials and natures

Sophie La GiraffeSophie the Giraffe, everywhere you read about it and I also found it with Märchenwelt Kinderzimmer. The dark and contrasting spots all over Sophie the Giraffe’s body provide visual stimulation and the squeaker keeps your baby amused and stimulates his hearings. It is a very flexible toy and is perfect for soothing baby’s sore gum when teething. Sophie is Phthalates and BPA free. Emma Rose took notice of the toy the first months but would like to explore her since around about two weeks

Pasito a Pasito MaxiCosi chain: cute looking for your MaxiCosi and your baby has something to look at, especially in the first months when they are not yet interested in other things going around

Le Petit Beurre bath towel & flannel: for a baby bath I use a few drops of milk and a few drops of pure almond oil (I get mine out of the pharmacy)

Le Petit Beurre heat cushion: when your poor little baby has some flatulences

Hipp fennel tea: this is perfect when your baby suffers from flatulence. I tried to give Emma about ten ml three times a day and normally it helped her with her flatulences and calmed her little tummy

Diapers: you need a lot of them :-). Since Emma´s birth I used Pampers but I was introduced in a new delightful product called Lillydoo. This is a new babycare company that offers a diaper and wipes subscription service. All LILLYDOO products bear the PETA certification and are therefore considered “vegan & cruelty free”. My first package arrives on Friday this week, so if you are interested in me doing a post over them, please write below in comments or leave me an email

Babylove oil wipes: keeps your baby skin soft and you avoid a inflammation or sore baby popos

Sophie La Giraffe baby oil: the viscous oil easily runs off the palms, so only use a small amount of product at a time. You can use it perfectly for moisturizing your baby´s skin, for a bath, for skin cleansing or for a baby massage 

In my car, I store a little supply box:

Furthermore, to be on the safe side, you never know what happens, I have a little supply box in my car with some baby items, in case of missing to bring them with me:

2 bodys, diapers, wipes, glass bottle, Hipp baby milk tetra pack (ready to drink), two bottles of still water, one cardigan, one swaddle and one blanket.

This products might also be helpful for you:

nunuco notepads

nunuco day planner

Take care and I hope my new mommy must haves help you on. 

xo, Sabrina

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See by Chloé
Major Sales_1
Major Sales_2
Major Sales_3
Major Sales_8
Major Sales_4
Major Sales_6
Major Sales_5
Major Sales_7
Major Sales_9
Major Sales_10
Major Sales_11























One: See by Chloé dress Two: See by Chloé dress Three: See by Chloé skirt Four: The Kooples dress Five: Tory burch espadrilles Six: One Teaspoon pants Seven: Self Portrait skirt  Eight: Rebecca Minkoff dress Nine: See by Chloé bag Ten: Microbe baby skirt Eleven: Filobio baby cardigan Twelve: La Stupenderia baby dress

There are a lot major summer sales going around now and I found some oh so pretty pieces at the Luisaviaroma where are also some lovely lace items on it by one of my favorite brands See by Chloé, you must pay it a visit. Also, I linked you three cute baby outfits which are on sale%. 

Have a wonderful day today and I hope you can grab a beautiful item of the major summer sale!

xo, Sabrina

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baby´s daily routine

baby´s daily routine

Organization, that´s exactly the right word which I want to use to start talking about “baby´s daily routine”.

With a mama of three, Emma Rose, Zuma boy (pomeranian) and Sitara (chartreux cat), it´s not easy to see every day the light of an ending. That said I want to share my typical daily routine with you which is basically the same since weeks (needless to say that some days are different or baby doesn´t have a good day but I try to cope up with my schedule every day and start by new) and I hope that this will be helpful for you guys at one point or another.

So, here is my personal baby´s daily routine:

06.30 am: my day starts about half past six in the morning and the first thing I do is my make-up routine (I tried to start my day the other way round as I described it below but that didn´t work for me because it is no fun doing your make-up while baby girl wants your full attention, then it´s a constant running between two rooms which is indeed only a few steps apart but I want to start my day as relaxed as it gets with a baby ;-))…. After finishing my make-up, I leave out the steps of contouring in order to let my make-up set a little bit to get a soft finish, I do my laundry, some small household things (I am that kind of person who likes it when everything is clean and organized at home) and prepare breakfast for myself and my pets. Now it´s time for my Nespresso coffee (without, I could´t call it a morning ;-)) and check my instagram feed, sometimes I also write on a new blog post depends on my mood.

07.00/07.30 am: normally Emma wakes up around about seven and half past seven in the morning (I know I am that kind of mama who is lucky having a baby who sleeps through at night), I open the blinds in order to give her the feeling of daytime and take her out of her baby cradle. Until now Emma sleeps in our master bedroom but I want to change this in a few weeks and let her sleep in her nursery. After packing her out of her sleeping bag and feeding her (unfortunately, as Emma was a preemie, she was born on December 23rd as instead of January 21st, I was not able to breastfeed her), with my Avent bottles and as a milk food I use the Hipp Bio Combiotik which is well tolerated by her. After doing that I change the diapers and now it´s time for my favorite part, the playtime. Emma normally wants to have my full attention up to two hours and after that I lay her down on her baby rug and let her intertain by herself and in that time I finish my make-up, clean up the kitchen and get myself dressed. Emma usually falls asleep and takes a power nap for around about half an hour.

10.00 am: around about ten we head out, I normally use my Solly Baby Wraps to carry her, it´s a great feeling to have her so close with me and she LOVES it, and go for a long walk with our Zuma boy. After then it varies each day, we spend time by visiting friends or family, going to town, shopping, to the zoo, park etc., I try to do as much as I can outside with her, weather permitted of course. 

01.00 pm/02.00 pm: there is some play time and feeding, changing diapers and I swaddle her in her blanket from Lou Lou and Company, turn her mobile from Tartine et Chocolat on and Emma takes her nap in her nursery around about half past two and three. In the meantime, I have a little bit of time for myself, doing the rest of my household, playtime and cuddle time with Zuma and deepening on the day I either prepare myself a nice tea and work on a new blog post or I take a nap, being a mommy is the best job I have ever had but also the most exhausting and every mommy needs a little bit of time for herself. There is also always the question whether of doing a nap or do some sport, at the moment I prefer to take a nap, shame on me ;-).

05.00 pm/05.30 pm: waking up at about five/half past five Emma drinks her milk, we change diapers and go for another walk with our Zuma. At home again Emma also loves to play with her activity center by Fisher Price because it is with music of funny jungle sounds. Normally daddy is at home as well and that is a perfect time for the three of us. 

08.00 pm: about eight o´clock I put her on our couch, swaddle her and Emma falls asleep (sometimes she does´t fall asleep immediately and needs her time up to one hour but I try not to interrupt her or play with her anymore). Of course between all the time going by over the day, we cuddle a lot, she loves to be worn and loves me singing. I also read some books dealing with PEKIP, this gives me some advice how to entertain my little baby love.

Emma haves her bath three to four times a week and this is normally done before bedtime.

11.00 pm: by around about eleven o´clock I take her to her nursery and try not to wake her up, change the diapers, feed her and put her to her little baby cradle. Sometimes she is awake at that time and interactive I put the hairdryer on and it helps her to fall better asleep, the sound is reassuring to babys.

What I found out with having a schedule, a routine, that Emma likes to have one and she is way more satisfied and a brave baby.

As I am a first time mama I am pretty new with all the things going around but I found out that Emma is a more satisfied baby to have her own schedule and it also helps me, as her mama, to cope with things better. I know there are a lot of moms that are anti-schedule and that´s fine as well, every mommy finds her own way of “surviving” and managing her day. 

I would love hearing your tips and tricks as a mom or if you have a baby´s daily routine from which you have benefited from.

Have a lovely day!

xo, Sabrina

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Chloe espandrille
Stella McCartney
Isabel Marant
gas bijoux


















One: Chloé bag (also here) Two: Chloé espadrilles (also here & here (sale%)) Three: Stella McCartney hat Four: Impressionen jewelery box Five: Mac Lippencil Six: Zara cropped top Seven: Isabel Marant (sale%, also here) Eight: Impressionen bracelet Nine: Mac Bronzing Powder (limited edition)

Sometimes you need some soulful treats!

…especially by looking out of the window and realizing, yes, it is June, but no summer in sight, so we do have to make the most out of it and so I stumbled across these beautiful products above which I put together for you! Also a few of the products listed above are on major sale, whooo! Those pop of colors are amazing and I love this kind of look! Also I am a big fan of colors which you can combine to other pieces hanging in your wardrobe. And what about espadrilles? They are EVERYTHING, I mean how comfy they are, cute looking and on the end of the day your feet don´t hurt, hands down!

I wish you a great weekend, with hopefully better weather and hope you love the items as much as I do!

xo, Sabrina

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Westwing MyPinkPetals
Westwing MyPinkPetals
Westwing MyPinkPetals
Westwing MyPinkPetals
          side table
Westwing MyPinkPetals


Westwing MyPinkPetals
Westwing MyPinkPetals
Westwing MyPinkPetals
           wall object

















I have always been a big fan of decoration whether we talk about interior, courtyard layout or as you probably have seen with one of my latest posts the nursery design of Emma Rose (this was by far the most fun part until now). Once upon a time there was a girl who was obsessed with redecorating moms flat over and over again (most of the time she didn´t mind at all;-)), of course my own nursery or I even got my hands on the kitchen of our riding stable to look nice and clean (as if that had been possible with lots of people every day, but at least gave it a try).

Feeling comfortable and cozy at home is a big point in my life. With WestwingNow I found a perfect online furniture store which allows me to search under various categories reaching out from furniture to home accessories at exceptional prices and also giving me good inspirations with WestwingNow Looks which are lovingly put together by interior experts. All the offered articles on their platform, Westwing works with over 3500 brands, are available immediately and are normally delivered between 2 to 4 working days.

The thing with accessories is that you can redecorate your home again and again in various colors depending on the season or your mood you would like to let your home look like. I am a big fan of neutral colors for furniture but to pop the rooms up with nice inked accessories and of course flowers (my favorite kind of flowers are pink peonies, roses and hyacinths). 

With rebuilding and renovating our house, we actually plan our move for November this year, I am pretty sure that there will be more or less a few turquoise Westwing parcels roll over our front step, but it think it might come worse ;-)…

So I highly recommend you to pay Westwing a visit and get the latest trends.

xo, Sabrina

Thanks to Westwing for sponsoring this post.

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Rag + Bone shorts
Kangeroo espadrille
Splendid top
Kendall + Kylie Topshop
Vanessa Bruno bag
Isabel Marant
Bobbi Brown Lip Balm
Tory Burch
New One

















One: Rag & Bone shorts Two: Kangeroo espadrille Three: Splendid top Four: Kendall + Kylie Topshop Five: Vanessa Bruno bag Six: Isabell Marant sunglasses Seven: Bobbi Brown Lip Balm Eight: Tory Burch Rhea Nine: NewOne by Johanne bracelet

Yesterday, we came back from our beautiful first holiday vacay as a family of three and as I had some time to rummage in some magazines these days, I got a little bit of inspiration of some great sunshine styles. I absolutely love putting some cute outfits together and normally I get inspired by magazines, online shops or pinterest. So here are some cute finds I have my eye on lately. Have you seen the new Kendall + Kylie Topshop swimwear collection, lovely!

What is your sunshine style?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely Saturday.

xo, Sabrina

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Packaging, yarn, sticker & masking tape Dawanda Small Treasures

Almonds baby feet & cookies DaWanda Zuckerschätze

Post card DaWanda hasenfuss

Doll Alimrose

Dress Seidenweiss

Headband DaWanda GutiKattmann

Emma poster DaWanda Schöne Dekor

Pate Letter DaWanda gluecksdinge

Bracelet (was a present by my sister, if you are interested please let me know)

Sunday last week there was a very exciting day for us as our little Emma Rose had her blessing day.

It was a day surrounded with love and happiness where our family and our best friends came together in order to celebrate our little girl.

The location, the restaurant itself is called Werkskantine (you definitely should pay it a visit once you are in the eastern part of Frankfurt), was exactly what I was looking for – it is an old renovated factory building in a brick stone optic with huge windows to give it a warm and bright look from the inner. Paired with lots of flower bouquets out of pink peonies (my very favorite kind of flower) which I ordered at Baier´s Pflanzenhandel, the location got the final hand touches needed in order to break up the masculin fabric look and give it a soft feminine effect. As a color theme for the decoration I chose white, pink and gold and our guests could find little hand-made presents on their table which were filled with four pink almonds and one little pink almond with two white baby feet on it. 

Emma Rose wore a white lace dress by Seidenweiss (it was numbers too big but I brought it to the tailoring and they adapted it so it fitted her for her blessing and again with a few hand steps by the tailoring Emma can grow into the dress until she will be around about one year old), white leather shoes by Jacadi and a headband with a golden leaf by daWanda.
As probably all mothers could empathize when a big event is pending, I prayed for a happy baby on that day and not for an unsatisfied one ;-), so I was glad the church ceremony turned out with a happy baby (Emma was drinking her milk the whole time) and as everything was so exciting for her, after around about half an hour being in restaurant she fall asleep for almost four hours… Sweet little girl!

Of course, to get all the arrangements done for this special day took me about weeks of planning and organising and to get everything to the point I wanted to have. Without my notebook (currently using the sweet little book “She designed the life she loved) by Odernichtoderdoch it would have been an uncontrolled situation. I am that kind of person who gets her ideas when doing something completely different for example watching TV or doing my household and then immediately have to run to my book in order to note done my thoughts.  

As a pate present for my sister (my sister means the world to me and I wanted her to hold something special in her hands after the ceremony and something which will always remind her to that day) I presented her a pate letter which I found on DaWanda and which can be adjusted by your own words or pictures. To give it a nice looking I put it into a simple white picture frame of Ikea.

I am still overwhelmed by this amazing day and that our Emma had her christening, this will be a day which we´ll never forget. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and may be if you plan your baby´s blessing day this will be an inspiration for you.

What is your tip to stay organized for a special event like this?

xo, Sabrina

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iphone case

















1. Rag & Bone hat 2. Zara rope top 3. River Island wedges 4. New Look skinny jeans 5. Aldo heels 6. Chloé sunglasses 7. White Hannah Cross Body 8Clarins Eclat Minute Lipgloss (limited edition) 9. Castaner Espadrilles 10. Nunuco iPhone case 

Here you´ll find a few key pieces that I picked together and I hope this is kind of inspiring for you for example on what to wear on a chilly evening going out to grab some easy drinks and snacks with your friends.

I also love love love white jeans because they are so easy to restyle and you can almost wear them with everyyyyytthing. What is also very genial for this summer are wedges and espadrilles, they are so comfortable and stylish.

What is your favorite pic for this summer?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

xo, Sabrina

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Wrap chest & armchair Märchenwelt Kinderzimmer

Paper bag golden dots Eulenschnitt

Diaper pail Ubbi

Side table Safavieh

Day Planner Nunuco

Mobile Marigold Poms

Lamp Ikea

Pillow rose H&M 

Pillow gold Zara Home (not longer available, linked you a similar one)

Toy pram Ooh noo

Blanket Wonderful Props

Basket white Zara Home

Feather mobile Elodie

Bunny Tartine et Chocolat 

For everyone who knows me it was a dream come true when my little Emma Rose was born. So naturally it was clear I have been dreaming about for years on how to decorate her nursery once. To notice on this stage, we are renovating our house at the moment so we moved in a flat for the time being until our house restruction has come to and end, after then, the decorating her nursery in our new house will begin again ;-), but I do only have in my mind to install a wallpaper but plans have to be made first.

When I was on my way to search for the right interior (I could´t resist to have a look even at the beginning of my pregnancy) I spent a lot of time in the internet, mainly on pinterest in order to get some inspiration. With “Märchenwelt Kinderzimmer” I found the perfect partner to go with and they helped me to design the perfect nursery for Emma Rose. Märchenwelt Kinderzimmer is a little store located the center of Frankfurt showing only a few furniture pieces, as they produce in France, but have a very nice catalogue with pictures and examples of beds, wrap chests, chairs and a lot more so can choose what exactly you are looking for. They have over 2000 different colors for their furniture or you can get your individual design from an artist. What was also very important to myself is the fact that they use water-borne colors for their paintings and with a few modifying steps your baby bed is a junior bed or later on a couch. The wrap chest is adjustable with different drawers, furniture handles and by putting a changing unit on top of it you gain a plus of 20 cm length so you have more space for changing the diapers (it can be removed by yourself later on). I love neutral colors so I chose white as the basic color theme and paired it with girly colors like rose and gold.

Finally I am so happy how everything came together and for me it´s the most beautiful room in our home.

Right now Emma is sleeping in our master bedroom in her little crib but we intend to let her sleep in her own room soon.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

xo, Sabrina

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WELCOME on MyPinkPetals!

After countless hours of hard work over the last few weeks, I have finally made it to this point and I am beyond excited and can´t wait to share my blog posts with you on MyPinkPetals! So please come and join me on this journey.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them!”, Walter E Disney.

I truly look forward to this ongoing process a long with what inspires me to write a post and share my various passions of beautiful things like motherhood, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, home and travel.

Have a lovely day.

xo, Sabrina

Blog launch_neu


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