If you are a long time follower you already know that I love to take care of my skin but it have to be products with which I can gain a fast result, either in the mornings or evenings. As I am a mommy of a toddler, sometimes in the evenings I am so exhausted that I don’t have enough energy of taking really good care of my skin but I literally force myself to do it;-) because I know it is so important for a healthy looking skin AND afterwards I feel so good and refreshed and ready to go to bed and get my beauty sleep ;-)!

I’ll quickly round up a few of the products I have really loved so far and share some details about them and my skin care routine with you!

I am that kind of person who showers before going to bed every night and in order to remove my make-up I love using the Coco Fresh Detox Face Foam by Hello Body which has also a detox effect for your skin – as I have lash extensions it is very important of using products with no oil and with this foam I am pretty safe – by the way as an alternative, and I switch between time to time between these products, I can highly recommend you this sensitive foam by Balea!

Next I use my Vichy Slow Age eye cream which has an anti-ageing formula which is perfect against first lines and wrinkles and which plums your whole eye area. I have a very sensitive skin and I can highly recommend it! Its not easy to find a good eye care product and by now my search was long enough and I am happy that I finally found this one! As a very good alternative to that I can recommend you the eye creme by Rituals.

Next, and I use this fluid every second to third day and in order to give my skin some different care products, I use the Vichy Slow Age fluid which also received a Glammy 2017 Award!! The smell of it is amazing and I love putting it on especially in the evenings! It has a non greasy-texture and it slows down the impact of aging signs like wrinkles and lines. It is also a good base for your foundation.

Next, or as an option for the Vichy Slow Age fluid, I use the Vichy Mineral 89 Face Moisturizer which is rich in 15 minerals and natural Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate your skin. Its a very lightweight formula that is very fast absorbing so your skin literally drinks! As I already said I love to switch  between those two products as I have the feeling that I give my skin exactly what it needs and its needs are not everyday the same ones!

I will need everything and love to try different products which help me to fight against anti-aging and help me to feel confident in my skin and sometimes a little skin care routine also helps you to calm down in the evenings!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and if you should have any more questions, I would love to answer them!

xo, Sabrina

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