What to pack in your diaper bag

What to pack in your diaper bag

What to pack in your diaper bag

What to pack in your diaper bag

What to pack in your diaper bag

What to pack in your diaper bag

What to pack in your diaper bag

Dress: Mango | Pullover: H&M | Shoes: Michael Kors (sold out, linked you great styles here & here) | Bag: Boo Poo 

In today´s blog post I wanted to introduce you my new diaper bag by Boo Poo which I have loved at first sight.

It is a quite frequently asked question what to pack in your diaper bag as it can really cause you trouble in case you miss something important at home – and to be honest, everything you have in your diaper bag will be important. My little Emma Rose is now nine months old (one month adjusted as she was a preemie) and I recognize the older she gets the more I need to pack in. Since having my new diaper bag I am quite more relaxed as I have a good feeling when leaving the house that I am prepared no matter how long our stay will be (I try to keep up with my schedule but I love to spend the time out with her from let´s say 09.30 am to 01.30/02.00 pm, you can read my schedule here, I adjusted my schedule a little bit and give some information about the changes in this blog post). Normally I pack my bag in the evening to just grab it on the next day while leaving the house.

What I absolutely love about my diaper bag is that it has an integrated, detachable changing mat and your baby will always have a good place to lie down when changing the diapers or clothes – you don´t have to stress yourself anymore when being in a nursing room if the available changing mat is clean and you no longer have to clean it before using.  This is absolutely time saving when it has to go fast. In order to protect your changing mat of the Boo Poo bag put the included pee-pee-mat on the changing mat (consists out of natural bamboo, is water-resistant and machine washable). Furthermore, the bag is quite spacious in the inner and has a lot of pockets inside which allows you to stay organized. At the outer part you will also find a pocket with a zipper to put your belongings like purse, lipstick, keys etc. in. The shoulder strips are extra long and adjustable, perfect to put your bag over your stroller. I love the design and it comes in several shades but the black one is their newest edition.

I have put together a list of things which I normally put in my diaper bag:

– diapers by Lillydoo

– baby wipes in travel size by Hipp for home I use these ones

– sore creme by dasBoep

– milk portioner by Nuk

– water thermos bottle by Avoin

– glas bottle by Philips

– drinking bottle filled with juice by Nuk

– fruit pause snack (has an integrated spoon) by Hipp

– rice waffles by Hipp

– one muslin square by aden + anais

– one bib by Little Unicorn

– body, tights, socks (check regu

– wipes for cleaning by Hipp

– sanitzer wipes by Isana

– toy by Alimrose

– I always have a pair of sunglasses with me

So I hope you enjoyed reading and got some useful tips from me.

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts & wish you a great day.

xo, Sabrina

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